Welshman sentenced to live in London

A WELSH criminal has been sentenced to live in London.

The severity of fraudster Tom Booker’s crimes means that instead of prison he must spend 12 months living in the capital.

Judge Mary Fisher said: “You are remorseless, uncaring and seemingly without feelings. So you might actually fit in quite well in London.

“In prison you would be sharing a six-by-nine room with a stranger, eating the cheapest possible food while dreaming of home. By forcing you to live in London, you will not only do this but you will be made to pay £400 a week for the privilege.”

Booker’s mother Tina said: “We thought he might get six months’ unpaid internship at a failing Yorkshire-based theatre company, but 12 months in London? It seems cruel.

“But if he can keep his head down, do his time and not get mixed up in the wrong crowd, then hopefully this spell in London will be the making of him.”

Booker said: “The atmosphere here is very hostile, everyone looks at you like they want to kill you.

“As soon as I arrived at Paddington I roughly pushed a woman aside to get on the tube. Apparently it’s important to assert yourself in the pecking order from day one.”