Woman gets affirmation she craves after man describes her Facebook post as 'well written'

A WOMAN has finally received the appreciation she was craving after a man on Facebook told her she was good at writing.

Julia Reynolds, 25, said the approval of Tom Logan made graduating from university ‘look like a massive pile of shit’ in comparison.

She added: “I am thrilled that Tom felt compelled to comment on my political think piece and validate the way I express my opinions.

“I had written it specifically with Tom in mind, and I was hoping desperately that we would read it and focus on the writing style rather than offer anything useful. My need for his approval was the only reason I wrote it in the first place.”

Logan said: “I thought she might need a bit of support after posting something like that. And because I have described it as ‘well written’ it means that others can now read it without wasting their time.”

Reynolds is currently working on a PhD on human right and is hoping Logan will ‘give it the old thumbs up’ before publication.

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Veggie friend wondering if there's enough space on your BBQ for her ego

A VEGETARIAN  has been worrying about whether her friends have made room on their BBQ for her ego.

Jessica Radbury, aged 23, said: “I was flattered by the invite, but also began to worry that they wouldn’t have considered my feelings.

“I thought I’d better ask for guidance, so I rang the Wholefoods emergency hotline. They said their collection of vegetarian sausages are the perfect way to show off at an English barbecue.

“Then I can make everyone try them, and force them to admit that it actually really does taste better than real meat, and they’ve been in the wrong their entire lives.”

She added: “Hopefully they will have kept my needs in mind, but just in case, I’ve prepared a special separate barbecue for my ego so they don’t get their filthy meat juice over it.”