Tuesday, 7th July 2020

Woman going away for two days packs 158 pairs of knickers

A WOMAN taking a shed load of clean underwear for ashort break in the Cotswolds is not sure why, she has admitted.

Emma Howard has also packed 30 spare pairs of socks, 16 pairs of shoes but just one bra. Howard said: “I suppose on some level I must be terrified of running out of clean underwear.

“But I only have one bra and I haven’t washed it since 2012.”

She added: “You just never know when you might need more than 13 dozen pairs of pants. Especially in the Cotwolds. Anything could happen out there.”

Emma’s husband, Tom said: “It’s so weird because I’m pretty sure that at home she only wears one pair of knickers a day. Yet when we go away she takes enough to last months.

“I can only imagine she is planning on pissing herself a lot in the Cotswolds.”