Sunday, 25th October 2020

Woman hounded out of Waitrose for bringing Asda bag

A WOMAN has been thrown out of Waitrose by staff and other customers for attempting to use a 'bag for life' from Asda.

Class traitor Francesca Johnson brought the supermarket to a standstill when she produced the reusable pleb sack from her North Face cagoule.

Johnson said: “I thought I’d get away with it if I just used the self-service machine. But a checkout assistant spotted the proletarian Asda logo immediately and set off an alarm.

“The next thing I knew people were pelting me with premium-quality, locally sourced British produce and a pair of Waitrose & Partners heavies had grabbed me by each arm.

“As the middle-class mob surrounded me I kept saying I was ‘just like them, really’ and that the bag belonged to a friend, but that just made them angrier.”

Johnson was then slung out of a side exit by the bins, where she belongs, after being stripped of her Waitrose loyalty card.

She added: “It’s my own fault really for only getting my bits from Waitrose and doing the big weekly shop at Asda.”