Woman in Quiet Zone expects deathly silence for entire journey

A WOMAN travelling in a train’s ‘quiet zone’ has declared the entire journey must be spent in a deathly, mausoleum-like silence.

Mary Fisher, travelling between Stevenage and Doncaster, has warned her fellow passengers that quiet phone calls or ‘leakage’ from headphones is a ‘violation’ and has threatened to call the police.

Fisher announced: “This is the Quiet Zone. There should be an eerie silence at all times. For this is the Quiet Zone.”

Fisher then sat next to fellow passenger Nikki Hollis who had just taken part in a very quiet telephone conversation with her boyfriend.

She said: “I think you will find that this is the Quiet Zone. If this happens again I will ruin your life.”

Hollis then whispered: “Would it be okay if I listen to some music very quietly on my headphones?”

Fisher is currently standing on her chair, pointing at Hollis and shouting ‘this is a crime’ over and over again.