Woman manages not to put kid’s letter to Santa on Facebook

A MOTHER has been praised for not taking a photo of her child’s letter to Father Christmas and posting it to Facebook.

Donna Sheridan resisted sharing daughter Emily’s letter despite it having a number of backwards letters and endearingly impossible requests.

The letter, written in green crayon and addressed to “Santa / Farther Cristmas” included items like “a dog the same as the one from Poor Patrol”, “world piece” and “a new (beter) brother”.

Friend Joanna Kramer said: “I’ve seen the letter and I can’t believe it. It’s got everything.

“The fact that she hasn’t posted it with a caption like ‘Yeah, so I guess my kid is pretty adorable’ or shared it in a mothers’ group she hasn’t looked at since last year is unbelievable.

“Donna is just a normal mum who loves her family. Today she did something extraordinary.”