Woman reads latest Weinstein story, rolls eyes, gets on with job

A WOMAN has rolled her eyes at the latest Harvey Weinstein revelations and then got on with doing her job, it has been confirmed.

Jane Thomson, a teaching assistant from North London, scrolled through a story on the Guardian website during her commute, shook her head briefly and then focused on her poorly paid job helping to educate children.

Thomson said: “I don’t really have time for this because I’m trying to earn a living. But yeah, the idea of a powerful man in the film industry sexually assaulting women who were then too frightened to come forward has come an absolutely enormous surprise.

“Thank goodness I was sitting down when I read it otherwise I might have fainted.”

Thomson added: “I’ve been searching for a headline about a male movie star revealing he was sexually assaulted by a female movie producer.

“But that’s unlikely because there are, I don’t know, two female movie producers? And they probably just get on with their jobs too.

“Are we done?”