Woman seeing three men at once struggling with the admin

A WOMAN dating three different men simultaneously is finding it an organisational nightmare, she has confirmed.

Emma Bradford, aged 29, decided to try serial dating after magazine articles told her everyone else was doing it, but had no idea she would have to create an Excel file titled emmalovelife.xlsx.

She said: “The articles said it could be challenging emotionally. What they didn’t mention is what a pain in the arse it would be keeping them all straight.

“Every time I get a text, I have to go to Evernotes and see where we met last and what stage we’re up to before I can reply, and by then another one’s hassling me by WhatsApp.

“There’s no spontaneity. That got ditched month one, where I watched the same film twice with one of them and slept with another when he totally hadn’t earned it yet, because I got mixed up.

“Hang on, I’ve got a call coming in. Let me bring up the excuse matrix.”

Romantic interest Nathan Muir said: “Emma’s special. I really think she could be the one. Which is why I’ve marked her file with both pink and green Post-Its.”