Wednesday, 28th October 2020

Woman struck with amnesia immediately after being given directions

A WOMAN has a mysterious mental condition that causes her to forget directions immediately after being given them.

Whenever Donna Sheridan asks for directions to a pub or train station, as soon as she walks away her mind goes completely blank. 

Sheridan said: “It’s strange because I can remember names, appointments and totally useless stuff like the name of the dog that won Crufts, but my brain is unable to retain directions.  

“I nod and thank people for their help, but inside I know they lost me at ‘left at the whatever’. Then I can’t go back and ask them again without looking mental.

“However I do have the same problem when someone starts telling me about their plans to build an extension. Or their kids. Or the time they went travelling in Australia.

“Maybe it’s not me at all. Maybe people are just not memorable enough."