Woman who received dick pic still laughing

A WOMAN who received a picture of a man’s knob is still laughing about how pathetic it was, she has confirmed.

Susan Traherne was sent the picture after a brief exchange with a man on a dating app, and has been unable to stop pissing herself about it ever since.

Traherne said: “He asked me out and I sent a polite ‘thanks, but no thanks’ message in return, to which he responded with a picture of his genitals. It was such a terrible photo that it clearly wasn’t an attempt to change my mind by showing me his impressive manhood.

“He was obviously trying to upset me, but it massively backfired because I couldn’t help but laugh. It looked like a collection of limp mushrooms lying on a dirty carpet, and seemed so incongruous to the situation that he might as well have sent me a picture of Yoda, or a lawnmower.”

She added: “I also couldn’t help but notice that he had a Dan Brown novel on his bedroom floor, so even if he’d had the best penis in the world, it would still have been a firm no from me.”