Woman with immaculately clean house has car like a shit tip

A WOMAN who keeps her house clean and tidy has a car like a dustbin, it has emerged.

Despite living in a scrupulously hygienic home, Emma Bradford is inexplicably untroubled by the mountain of used coffee cups, snotty tissues, Ginster’s wrappers and  half–eaten sandwiches in her Ford Focus.

Her husband Tom, said: “She disinfects the entire fucking house every single day, yet she can’t move an old banana skin from her car.

“She has a go at me for leaving a single dirty mug on the sideboard, yet I recently sat on some mouldy leftover McDonald’s on her passenger seat.    

“It makes no sense as that someone who is neat and tidy in every other aspect of her life gets into her car and turns into a filth beast from hell. You could do a shit in there and she wouldn’t notice.

“I love her, but she disgusts me.”