Woman with whole life ahead of her going to spend it worrying about what someone just said

A YOUNG woman whose life is bursting with possibility plans to spend the next sixty years obsessing over minor social interactions.

With graduate job offers already lining up, the world is Nikki Hollis’s oyster, but statistics suggest she will live out her days thinking about whether or not someone meant to be rude or was just not thinking.

Nikki Hollis said: “You only live once, and I intend to live every day in the fullest awareness that maybe someone doesn’t really like me, or thinks my clothes don’t suit me, or finds my face weird.

“Life is an adventure and I want to use it to reflect on what someone might have meant when they said I ‘looked well’ or what a friend was implying when they said I ‘deserve a good holiday’.”

Her mother Helen Hollis said: “We raised Nikki to believe she can do anything and, like me and her father, what she does best is needlessly analyse everything people say, to or about her.

“Hopefully she’ll go deaf in old age and then she can enjoy a brief burst of peace before the grave claims her.”

Nikki Hollis added: “More than anything, I hope I can have an exciting career and a family of my own so that I have a wide group of people to misinterpret all the time. Fingers crossed!”