Woman won’t let frostbite stop her wearing Converse

A WOMAN has vowed that she will wear thin-soled canvas trainers through the depths of winter no matter what the cost. 

Francesca Johnson, from Chester, insisted the shoes, intended for wear in long, hot American summers, are now part of her personal look and cannot be abandoned for mere weather.

She said: “The cold is a problem immediately on leaving the house, but within 40 minutes I actually can’t feel my feet for the rest of the day, so that’s fine.

“The skin around them has gone white and blue but the trainers themselves are white, so stylewise it’s all good.

“My boyfriend says I should wear socks, and I’m like ‘hello, socks with Converse? Do you want me to be laughed at?’”

She added: “I am a little bit concerned about losing toes, because from the end of March I’m scheduled to spend the next six months in flip-flops.”