Woman’s belief system based on quotes from sandwich boards outside bars

A WOMAN has based all her thinking on philosophical quotes written on chalk boards outside local businesses.

Nikki Hollis always reads what is written on the board outside her favourite coffee shop and then ponders it for the rest of the day before deciding whether to integrate it into her belief system.

She said: “I’m not big on book reading and that kind of thing so reading sandwich boards is like a quick way to get wisdom.

“There was one about ‘life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans’, which I really liked and have since decided to live my life by. So, I don’t make plans for anything anymore, I just live my life.

“That one kind of impacted on my best friend’s 30th birthday party but I’m sure she understood that I was just living life as John Lennon told me to.

“She got angry but I said I was just loving the life I live and living the life I love.”

She said: “There was also one about the how ‘the soup of the day is gin’, but I couldn’t really put that into my overall outlook on the world but it did make me chuckle.’

“Sometimes I read interesting graffiti in toilets too. There was one that said ‘eat the rich’, but I don’t think I would do that.”