Women impressed by men who condemn their taste in music

WOMEN have confirmed that nothing gets them hotter than men vigorously criticising the music they listen to.

The Institute for Studies found that women experience strong sexual impulses towards men who glance through their iTunes playlist while mouthing the words ‘shit, shit, shit’.

When condemnation of their favourite artists is then followed up with recommendations of obscure beard-rock albums, most women are unable to stop themselves initiating sexual intercourse.

Highly attractive woman Carolyn Ryan said: “When a guy asks me what’s on my iPod then tells me that I’ve been fooled into thinking I like Emeli Sandé by marketing, then he has my full attention, upstairs and downstairs.

“If he then proceeds to rank Radiohead albums from worst to best then it’s pretty much on, and we’re doing it while he’s explaining that Amnesiac is perennially underrated.”

Model Helen Archer agreed: “When I see men who nod their head attentively to the music but never, ever get on the dancefloor because music’s far too serious a passion for them, I immediately crave their genetic material.”

Dissenting voice Joanna Kramer said: “Obviously I know Katy Perry is shit. But it is much, much better for having a dance to on a Friday night than the collected catalogue of Rush.”