You realise we do all the work, say migrants

MIGRANTS have reminded Britain that they do pretty much all the work.

They pointed out that they were not invited to leave their cherished home countries as a result of some experiment in multiculturalism imposed by the liberal elite. Nor did they come here because it was their dream to luxuriate on the dole in Dover or Braintree.

Tom Booker, who anglicised his name to avoid having stale pastries thrown at him, said: “Do you seriously think we dreamed of leaving our homes to settle in your idyllic country of roundabouts, multi-storey car parks and precincts?

“We’re here to pick the strawberries you can’t be arsed to pick, pull the pints you can’t be arsed to pull, handwash the cars you can’t be handwash, wipe the elderly arses you can’t be arsed to wipe.

“But we do apologise if our slightly swarthy complexions and occasional grammatical errors are an intolerable burden on you.

“Naturally, we’ll follow government plans and sod right off back home. Oh, and if your economy should take an unexpected downturn, feel free to come over here and pick our potatoes.”