Young people to have arses kicked all the way to polling stations

SQUADS of arse-kickers are to be deployed to ensure the under-25s bother to vote.

The force of large-booted volunteers will be especially active in universities, organising raids at the crack of noon to rouse apathetic students from their sleep.

Arse-kicker Norman Steele, 47, said: “Just for once we’d like an election to reflect the idealistic, socially progressive views of large sections of the population if only they could be arsed.

“No, there isn’t an app for it. No, you can’t tap your vote on a screen while keeping half an eye on Come Dine With Me.

“You have to do walk 800 yards to a school and operate a small pencil, the way your bigoted grandparents do.”

Meanwhile, any young person who uses the phrase, ‘whoever you vote for, the government always gets in’, will get a double arse-kicking.

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How should I vote if I'm too lazy to think for myself?

UNSURE how to vote because you’re a lazy bastard who can’t be bothered to think? Take our test and have your mind made up for you.

What qualities do you think are important in a prime minister?
A. They should be old and wise, like Obi-Wan Kenobi.
B. They should talk in meaningless patriotic soundbites and spend a lot of time thinking about clothes.
C. I’m going to answer ‘the environment’ to most of these questions.

What are your feelings about Brexit?
A. All the evidence suggests it will be a total disaster so I’ve taken the position of going along with it.
B. At last mighty Britannia has her FREEDOM from the thieves in the CESSPIT of Brussels!
C. It sounded a bit complicated so I ignored it.

Are you in favour of Trident?
A. Yes, but with certain reservations about having a massive nuclear war.
B. Yes and we should let off a few to celebrate Brexit.
C. I’m against war, except possibly World War Two and anything involving dragons.

Should the UK abolish tuition fees?
A. Definitely. I doubt any of our useless political parties has suggested it though.
B. If people can’t afford it they should save up and start their degree when they retire.
C. Yes, because I want to do a degree in aromatherapy or holistic massage.

Do you agree with fox hunting?
A. Not sure. Can foxes feel pain? It’s probably cruel if they can.
B. It is the needless pursuit of an animal until it collapses with exhaustion and is torn to shreds. What’s not to like?
C. Foxes are incredibly cute and I would love to snuggle up to one right now.

Mostly As. You are an idiot and should probably vote Labour for your own protection.
Mostly Bs. You are an arsehole so the Conservative party is ideal for you.
Mostly Cs. You are just gormless. Vote for a harmless party like the Greens or just have a nice bath and forget about it.