Angry Birds admits to being Islamo-fascist boot camp

The makers of Angry Birds have admitted that the game is a virtual training camp for militant Islam.

Your and your disgusting friends

Your and your disgusting friends

Following an undercover operation by America’s National Security Agency, developer Rovio revealed it was secretly based in the Pakistani city of Peshawar and its chief executive now has a drone hurtling towards his face.

A Rovio spokesman said: “We believe that pigs are unclean animals, just like you are. So, in the game, the pigs represent you and your perverted western desires.

“We are the beautiful birds with genuine grievances that will bring your society crashing to the ground.

“It helps to strengthen the ideological commitment of our trainees, while also being fun.

“We were going to call the game ‘Perverted Western Desires’ but we thought that would be a bit of a giveaway.”

Nikki Hollis, from London, said: “To me it’s just a thing I do for hours on end when I’m supposed to be working.

“But now you mention it, I have been drinking less and thinking that all my friends are total sluts.”