Idea of female cub scout leader ‘is doing Al Qaeda’s head in’

JIHADISTS said the idea of a woman being in charge of young males in uniform was driving them crazy.



As cub scout leader Ingrid Loyau-Kennett stood in for the police in Woolwich yesterday, militant Islamists said she was ‘probably a symbol of western depravity, or something’.

Ahmed Tareen, from the Peshawar branch of Al Qaeda, said: “It shows just how low your society has sunk when a woman can be cheeky to a brave jihadist in a public street and then tell young men what to do, as if they were little girls.

“In jihadist philosophy the woggle is a symbol of man’s dominion over woman.

“Then again, if your men were like this I suppose everything might be different.

“I don’t know. I’m really confused now.”

Tareen then sat under a tree for half an hour before adding: “No, I’ve thought about it, and it is clear that this woman is insolent and disgusting.

“And she was wearing what I think you call a ‘body-warmer’. She may as well have been naked. You live in a sewer.”

Tareen then paused and said: “But actually, d’you know what? I could really do with someone as calm and sensible as that in my life.

“It’s fucking mental here. Like, all the time.”