Stock exchange bomb plot suggests Al Qaeda now on our side

A PLOT to blow up the London Stock Exchange suggests that Islamic terrorists now want to do us a favour, it has emerged.

Mixed signals

Four men pleaded guilty to the charge amid calls for them to be given a conditional discharge and then some help carrying the fertiliser.

Terror economist Bill McKay said:”It would be like taking an old laptop that runs on Windows Vista and
makes you want to top yourself and melting it with a blowtorch.

“It is difficult to imagine a more advantageous explosion.”

He added: “Obviously you’d want to evacuate everyone first. Obviously. But then they could just blow up all the computers.

“All that fictional debt bullshit would be wiped out, companies could once again be things that do things and we could all finally set about the reasonably important business of having actual lives.

“We just need to let Al Qaeda go about its business. Let’s think of it as an ‘intervention’.”

Helen Archer, author of Terrorism: What’s All That About? added: “If MI5 comes across plots to blow up Saturday night television and Facebook it may be that we have got Islamo-Fascism all wrong and they are actually trying to send us a message.

“And that message would be ‘we love you and we want you to get better’.”