Thursday, 22nd April 2021

'World War 2 is our Star Wars' say boomers

BABY boomers have confirmed they love Nazis, Spitfires and the Blitz in the same way everyone else enjoys Star Wars.

Thanks to childhoods spent watching war films and painting Airfix models of German paratroopers, people with no memory of the conflict admit they simply cannot get enough of it.

WW2 fan Roy Hobbs, 70, said: “It’s your classic tale of good versus evil, and it doesn’t even need a space station capable of destroying an entire planet to liven it up. 

“Like Star Wars, WW2 has amazing vehicles, only they’re Messerschmitts instead of TIE fighters. And because it actually happened, I don’t feel silly when I talk about it, which is all the time.”

Mary Fisher, 66, said: “VE Day is the equivalent of Comic Con for us, so I’m going to celebrate by binge-watching The World at War in my custom-made Anderson shelter.

“It’s got stormtroopers and scary baddies like Hitler, who’s basically Darth Vader but without the tedious backstory. And you’ve got exotic aliens like Wookies and Jawas, by which I mean, Yanks and Japs.

“I don’t know where our love for the Second World War comes from, to be honest. Our parents didn’t really like to talk about it.”