Cool, disruptive start-up has rigorous six-stage interview process

A COOL, disruptive start-up would like you to undergo a series of gruelling interviews and psychometric tests before being admitted to their ranks.

The company, which says it has a creative, agile culture and embraces innovative change, has made it clear you will not gain access to their chilled out environment unless you are precisely the right type of person.

Marketing executive Oliver O’Connor said: “First there’s the friendly pre-meet with HR, which is really 45 minutes of interrogation about your previous experience. Then there’s the manager interview with an hour of discussion about your motivation for wanting the role, during which nothing less than a messianic zeal for our marketing app will be good enough.

“After that you’ll spend eight hours of your own time on a simple strategic business plan and present it to a panel, where we give you viciously negative feedback to see how you take it. It’s all part of our commitment to openness and self-growth.

“Then there are the fun psychometric and verbal reasoning tests, followed by a final grilling by the Marketing Director where she looks perplexed that you’ve made it this far while you struggle to appear relaxed sitting on a bean bag.

“We’re not Google or Apple, but we’re trying very hard to position our brand to be just as as obnoxious as they are.”

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The silence is deafening: takeaway flyer doesn't condemn Russia

PRESSURE has been building on a local takeaway after it distributed a promotional flyer which does not condemn Russia.

Residents who live near The Great Indian Kitchen in Kidderminster were appalled after receiving a flyer from the eatery which failed to take a strong stance against Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Martin Bishop said: “I read it closely and there wasn’t the slightest hint of solidarity with the people of Ukraine, just a rundown of their admittedly excellent value meal deals and 10 per cent student discount.

“If you read between the lines though, you’ll realise they might as well have printed off a leaflet that says ‘down with NATO’ on it underneath a picture of Putin riding a horse with his top off. I’ll never order from them again.”

Ex-customer Donna Sheridan said: “If EUFA can strip Russia of the right to host the 2022 Champions League Final, then the least a small town takeaway can do is express their disapproval of the Kremlin.

“I don’t know how they could exert influence over the world’s largest country, but it looks suspicious that they’re doing nothing. Just say they won’t deliver to Moscow, that’s all I’m asking.”