Freelancer changes from work pyjamas to leisure pyjamas 

A FREELANCER has marked the start of the weekend by changing from her formal work pyjamas into her loungewear pyjamas. 

Web designer Emma Bradford threw off the shackles of the working week by switching her functional black business PJs for her wildly individual ‘pizza slice’ pyjamas, reserved for ‘kicking back’.

She said: “My formal attire can be really stifling. Up top I need something I can throw a shirt over to pass as dressed in a Skype call, and the bottom half has to look just enough like jogging bottoms for the Yodel man.

“It’s very restricting. Sometimes I have to have a bath in the middle of the working day, just to feel free for a moment.

“Weekends are different. I wear my party PJs, let my hair down, and I’m free to just relax, relax, relax. I even wear a koala bear onesie in colder weather! Why not?

“Of course it doesn’t matter what pyjamas I wear, I’m still working. I’m a freelancer. I’m always working.”