Have you considered becoming a barrister, mum asks middle-aged son

A WOMAN has asked her middle-aged son if he has considered becoming a barrister, with cancer research scientist or Oxford professor as back-up options. 

Mary Logan, aged 71, suspects that her son Tom could be a top lawyer despite never showing any aptitude or interest in the job, or having the qualifications.

She said: “Remember when you argued so well with the traffic warden giving you a ticket? That’s basically all being a barrister is, isn’t it?

“Admittedly, you probably couldn’t call a defendant a ‘four-eyed wanker’ in court, but you had such energy, which is wasted working in that guitar shop, however much you claim to enjoy it.

“I’m pretty sure you could qualify online, like doing your driving theory test. If you don’t fancy that, you could become a tech billionaire like that Elon Musk. You were always so good with computer games.

“Everyone seems to be coming up with these app thingies now, or you could start wearing a black turtleneck and invent a new iPhone. That seems to be all there is to it.”

Tom Logan said: “Mum thinks anyone working on a computer is a high-powered genius so I might just open an Excel spreadsheet and tell her I’m running the treasury.”

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