Friday, 28th February 2020

Man who works in marketing thinks his skills are transferable

A MARKETING executive wrongly believes his skills will be useful in a variety of situations, including a catastrophe.

Tom Logan thinks his abilities geared to selling tedious products and services would be completely transferable to a host of more important activities.

Logan, 38, said: “Is there a difference between devising a marketing campaign for dishwasher fluid and going into politics and becoming prime minister? I doubt it. I could do it.

“My energy and superb communication skills mean I’d probably succeed at everything from writing a bestselling novel to leading an elite special forces unit in enemy territory.

“Even in a really extreme situation like an alien invasion I’d probably use my PowerPoint skills to organise the resistance.”

Colleague Emma Bradford said: “It’s questionable whether using words like ‘edgy’ and being the loudest in meetings are actually skills or just grating personality traits.

“However if, in a post-apocalyptic scenario, you need someone who spouts stupid buzzwords and slags off other people while making himself look good, Tom’s your man.”