Office not run for benefit of parents with small children

AN office is callously not geared to meeting every single need of employees who have small children.

Leeds-based Eagleton Insurance has heartlessly chosen to run a viable business in normal working hours instead of helping members of staff raise their kids.

Father-of-two Stephen Malley said: “I need to arrive at 9.30am and leave at 2.30pm and still receive the same wage as everyone else. Guess what. I’m ‘not allowed’.

“Same story when I have to take three weeks off – over a full year, which statistically is nothing – to look after them when they’re ill. It’s the worst kind of discrimination.”

Fellow parent Nikki Hollis agreed: “The school holidays are impossible. I don’t see why the company can’t just sack everyone on the first three floors and turn them into a creche.

“It could have free meals, a soft play area, tablets and some staff could be re-hired as clowns to entertain the children. Would that be so hard? But no, God forbid they actually bloody help.”

Managing director Tom Booker said: “They badger me with this shit every day. I try not to remind Nikki that she used to believe pregnant women should be fired immediately.”