Recruitment agent has moment of remorse then goes back to being a bastard

A RECRUITER has had a moment of remorse before going straight back to being a bastard, it has been revealed.

Stephen Malley was visited by a brief but potent feeling of guilt, although the 27-year-old career recruiter lacked the previous experience needed to describe it.

Malley said: “It was weird. I’d just finished telling a highly-qualified marketing manager that they were a ‘stretch candidate’ and that they should be thanking me for talking to them when I got an unfamiliar feeling.

“It was like the sensation people describe when they hit a cat in their car, although I actually quite like doing that. It was weird.”

Malley then put a stack of CVs in the bin without reading them because it made him laugh, before saying: “Anyway, I’m all better now so if you’ll excuse me I’ve got some lies to tell.”