Sadistic interview panel knows full well man only wants job for the sodding money

A JOB interview panel decided to make a man really demean himself and talk bollocks despite being fully aware that applicants were only interested in the money.

Tom Logan had applied for ‘administrative liaison officer’ at Denton Car Insurance Ltd of Uxbridge, a role that no normal person would ever be wildly enthusiastic about.

Lead interviewer Donna Sheridan said: “You’d have be fucking mental to apply for this job out of a love of car insurance rather than just paying the rent, but that didn’t stop us having our fun.

“We managed to get him to say he’d ‘always been fascinated by the insurance industry’. I could see my colleague Steve pissing himself with laughter, but he managed to pretend it was a cough.

“Then he came out with some insincere bollocks about being ‘ideal for the role’ and ‘totally committed to getting the job done’. He’d be sitting at a computer going insane with boredom, for fuck’s sake.

“We like it when they pretend to be on some sort of spiritual mission to work for us, or imply they’d do the job for nothing. It’s sadistic, I know, but it breaks up the tedium of working here.”

Logan said: “God, that was humiliating. I actually said I was a ‘proactive self-starter’. I think I need a shower.”

Sheridan added: “Despite all that grovelling, Tom hasn’t got the job, but he’ll thank us for it later.”

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Can you play the guitar or was it something you'll regret saying whilst pissed?

MANY of us like to think we can play the guitar, but is it just a drunken boast you’ll come to regret if someone hands one to you? Take our quiz and find out.

What song are you going to play?

A) What would you like?

B) Just give me a minute… er… is this tuned… OK… I’m pretty sure we all want to hear Wild Thing, right?

What sort of guitar have you got at home?

A) A really nice Yamaha acoustic and a Les Paul for rocking out.

B) Hang on… just give me a minute, so a G chord is with this finger and then with this finger it’s… yeah, I’ll have a top-up please…

Have you ever been in a band?

A) Yes, we do quite a lot of local gigs and festivals.

B) Yes, when I was 17 I was in Psychotics of Oblivion. Although it was mainly just me and Simon imagining being famous whilst playing Wild Thing.

Who’s your favourite artist, from a guitarist’s point of view?

A) Hendrix. Every time I listen to him I hear something new.

B) The Troggs. Because they did Wild Thing. With just the three chords.

That was… amazing.

A) Thanks, it’s just practise, really.

B) Yeah, I knew you’d like to hear just the riff from Smoke on The Water repeated for three minutes, although it may have felt like three hours. Oh. Are you taking the guitar away? I feel a bit stupid now.

Mostly As: Wow, you can genuinely play the guitar.

Mostly Bs: Hopefully you have learned your lesson and will no longer pretend to be a good guitarist. You can’t even play Mr Tambourine Man, for fuck’s sake.