Sunday, 27th September 2020

BBC accidentally interviews Remain-voting member of public

THE BBC has apologised after accidentally showing an interview with a random member of the public who does not support Brexit.

The young reporter responsible for the error, Nikki Hollis, said: ”I’m so sorry. I haven’t had much experience of finding angry Brexiters repeating the same tabloid cliches for the billionth time.

“I’d seen a guy who looked just the ticket. White, bald, middle-aged, muttering angrily to himself. He looked like just the sort of person who had legitimate concerns about the EU.

“I stuck out my microphone and asked him, quite neutrally, if he felt ‘left behind’, was worried about immigration and whether it was time for a fresh approach with a party led by someone called Nigel.

“But the bastard said ‘no’ and now I’ve interviewed a member of the liberal elite. I’m in for a real bollocking from John Humphrys.”

Interviewee Tom Booker said: “I don’t want to cause any problems so from now on I’ll identify myself as a Remainer by painting my face blue and gold and mincing along in a metropolitan way with a glass of chardonnay.”