Corbyn ‘both justified and a dick’

JEREMY Corbyn is both perfectly justified in calling Theresa May a “stupid woman” and a rude dick for doing so, Britain has agreed.

The public feels the Labour leader’s use of a gendered insult was finely balanced against not saying something far worse like ‘incompetent fucking conniving idiot’.

Office worker Tom Logan said: “It’s the kind of thing you’d say if the woman at the sandwich shop totally buggered up your order and acted like it was your fault.

“Yes, you should have waited until you were outside the shop but no, technically she is stupid and a woman. So it’s swings and roundabouts really.

“Would I be cross if he’d said it to my mum? Yes. If it was my dad saying it, who has to put up with the frustration of dealing with her day in, day out? Not so much.

“My advice to Jeremy is control your temper and use appropriate language. And Theresa, you should try not to provoke Jeremy by being so fucking awful all the time.”