Wednesday, 12th August 2020

Five double acts that would make a better job of Brexit than Corbyn and May

JEREMY Corbyn meeting with Theresa May to discuss Brexit does not exactly fill sane people with confidence. So which other double acts could be put in charge?

The Krankies

Could there be an odder couple than a grown man and his wife pretending she’s his son for laughs? It’s unclear if the Krankies know much about international trade, but on the upside they are significantly less weird than Corbyn and May.

Cheech and Chong

Brexit is causing nothing but division, hatred and stress. Maybe hippies are what’s needed to make everyone chill out and find a crazy solution to the backstop with an LSD trip. Also it would be really funny to see Michel Barnier stoned.

Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec seem to have presented pretty much everything, so why not give them a crack at Brexit? At least if they balls it up they’ll do it with the kind of light-hearted charm May and Corbyn can only dream of.

Mulder and Scully

As special agents investigating scary events beyond human understanding, Mulder and Scully are well-qualified to figure out the baffling shitshow which is Brexit. Is the truth out there? Or is it just lies on a bus?

The Cheeky Girls

Brexit involves endlessly repeating the same inane phrases, something the Cheeky Girls are expert at. Also one of them used to go out with oddball Lib Dem MP Lembit Öpik, which seems to be enough of a qualification to be a politician at the moment.