May to be remembered as Poundland Thatcher who accomplished jack sh*t

THERESA May will forever be remembered as a knock-off Margaret Thatcher who wasted three years fucking about with bullshit, commentators believe.

May, who announced this morning that she will resign on June 7th, will forever be a footnote in history for schoolchildren to go absolutely blank on during exams.

The former PM, who used her resignation speech to blame others for her own failings, is already a largely forgotten figure while still technically in office and the situation is only expected to worsen.

Political correspondent Joseph Turner said: “Thatcher had actual beliefs, however reprehensible, and followed through on them. May? Nah. She did say ‘Brexit means Brexit’ though. People might remember that.

“She had her Brexit deal, which she was convinced was brilliant because she’d arranged it, and she thought grammar schools were good because she’d been to one. 

“Her legacy? Yeah, coming up blank on that one. Maybe in the future we’ll call somebody incompetent who refuses to leave their job a ‘Theresa’?

“To be honest it probably wouldn’t stick. Just not memorable enough.”