Cameron unveils passing of enormous buck

DAVID Cameron has outlined plans to pass the largest buck in British history.

Can also be used to pass rail networks

The prime minister confirmed the government will no longer accept responsibility for an absolutely massive thing that does not work and is never going to work.

To pass the gigantic buck the government will use a 200ft high crane, much like the one that will be positioned next to the entire British motorway network for the next 30 years as the new Custodians of the Buck keep adding lanes in a futile bid to stop 60 million people from going insane.

Speaking next to Junction Bastard on the M4, Mr Cameron said: “When I became prime minister I told the head of the civil service that I would accept responsibility for everything, except roads. I said to him, ‘There’s no way I’m doing roads’.”

Mr Cameron then turned to transport secretary Justine Greening and said: “This has nothing to do with me.”

Ms Greening replied: “It’s nothing to do with me either.”

The pair then laughed and laughed and went back to London in a helicopter.

The buck will be passed in a symbolic ceremony later this year when Mr Cameron will use the government crane to rip out a perfectly good section of the M6 and heave it into a nearby field.

A consortium of French companies will then work out how to take 12 years to put it back while Mr Cameron just walks away with his hand in his pockets.