Corbyn attacks media for accurately representing his views on Brexit

JEREMY Corbyn has criticised the media for taking his remarks about the UK and the Single Market entirely in context.

The Labour leader said a Guardian report on his comments on the Andrew Marr show was “riddled with factual accuracies” and claimed the media were trying to drive a wedge between him and his core supporters by presenting his views accurately.

Corbyn added: “If you take the trouble to read what I actually said about the Single Market, the Customs Union and migration rather than they way my words were reported in the media, you’ll see that they’re pretty much identical.

“And there’s the problem. They make me look like someone with a long history of Euroscepticism at odds with the vast majority of my supporters. Whereas nothing could be nearer to the truth.”

Corbyn also took the press to task for referring to him as the MP for Islington. “It seems so posh. Why couldn’t they say I was MP for Durham or somewhere like that?

“Also, why do all the photos show me with a beard? It’s a deliberate attempt to make me look like a beardy lefty.”