Corbyn is hopeless, says woman who can't remember her PIN number

A WOMAN who cannot remember a four-digit number is appalled that Jeremy Corbyn couldn’t immediately recall the cost of a childcare plan.

Emma Bradford, 35, listened to the Labour leader’s interview on Woman’s Hour and was shocked when Corbyn could not reel off the statistics of Labour’s new childcare policy.

Bradshaw, who was standing at a cashpoint looking confused, said: “I expect politicians to be perfect in every way, and Jeremy Corbyn has got more to prove than anyone, because he has an allotment and a beard.

“If he can’t remember one statistic amongst all of the other facts and figures he must be carrying around in his brain, how on earth can Labour be trusted with the economy?

“And no, I still can’t remember my PIN number. Although I’m fairly sure it starts with a five or a four.”

Bradford later called the person behind her in the queue for the cash point ‘an impatient cow bag’ when she got her PIN wrong for the third time in a row.

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Wonder Woman paid 34 percent less than male superheroes

WONDER Woman receives a third less salary than fellow Justice League members Batman and Aquaman, figures have revealed. 

Newly released pay data from the world-saving organisation showed that Wonder Woman, the group’s only female member, was paid 66 percent of the average male superhero salary and received no expenses or travel budget.

Batman, the team’s treasurer and a billionaire in his secret identity, said: “It’s unfair to call this a like-for-like comparison. The strong dollar means her wages go a lot further on Paradise Island,  so she’s actually taking home more than us.

“Second, a fleet of custom Bat-styled vehicles doesn’t come cheap. Superman’s got a whole Fortress of Solitude to maintain. Aquaman eats lobster for every meal. It all adds up.

“Yes she’s good in a fight, but she’s not really a team player, you know? Always goes home after two drinks, never comes to poker night and woah, don’t mention the strip club.”

Wonder Woman said: “Throwing the Parasite into the sun was my idea, but everyone ignored it, then Superman says it a minute later and everyone’s like ‘Wow, brilliant!’

“And he’s always coming on to me. He’s such an arse.”