Corbyn embraces populism with pledge to ban U2

JEREMY Corbyn has pledged that a Labour government would ban U2 from Britain.

In a shift towards a more broad-based populism, the Labour leader said there was no reason why UK citizens should have to ‘shoulder the burden’ of the Irish combo any longer.

He has proposed replacing all of the group’s UK activity with a coalition of grime MCs, Dexys Midnight Runners and the Sleaford Mods.

Corbyn said, “Since their debut album in 1980, for all their caterwauling and scratchy guitars, we have seen living standards and public services eroded while they grow richer and fatter and develop ever more elaborate schemes of tax avoidance.

“They sing about love, but all that they inspire is hatred – hatred for their music, their lead singer and his endless succession of trousers, each pair worse than the last.

“Their last album was imposed against our will, on iTunes, without consulting the general public.

“My surgery was inundated with hardworking constituents all of them asking me the same question; how do we delete this?

“We delete it with legislation.”