Exams Force Alexander To Quit Labour Campaign

SCOTTISH Secretary Douglas Alexander has been ordered to quit Labour's Holyrood election campaign and concentrate on revising for his Highers.

10th level wizard

Alexander's parents told the cabinet minister that 'enough was enough' and it was time to grow up and think about his future.

"They're right," Alexander, 16, told the Daily Mash. "Being in the Labour Party and running the Scotland Office is a really interesting hobby but I have to admit it's never going to turn into a proper job.

"I've got to buckle down and get the best results I can. After that it's Edinburgh University, here I come! Fingers crossed anyway."

Alexander's parents said they did not want him to give up all is hobbies and were happy for him to continue with his weekly game of Dungeons and Dragons.

"I'm a 10th level wizard with over 5000 realm points," said Alexander. "You don't just walk away from something like that."