F**king take Northern Ireland if you’re so in love with it, Davis tells EU

DAVID Davis has told the EU that if they think Northern Ireland’s so bloody great they can sodding well have it. 

The Brexit secretary snapped after yet another day was wasted on the province’s borders and peace agreement instead of the key issue of City financial services. 

He said: “Tell you what, Barnier, if Northern Ireland’s such a big cocking deal to you then you deal with it. It’s yours. It’s going with you. 

“No, I don’t give a shit about their tinpot border, you spotted that? Nor do I give a single solitary bugger about the Good Friday whatever. Frankly I’d forgotten we even had them. I mean they’re no Gibraltar. 

“There, they’re yours. Now can we please talk about London and the City, things that actually fucking matter?” 

EU negotiator Michel Barnier said: “Now this extraordinary offer has been made, we must concentrate our talks solely upon Northern Ireland for the next four to five months.

“To do otherwise would be irresponsible.”