Sunday, 25th October 2020

How Jacob Rees-Mogg can make a comeback

BEING so evil that even Boris Johnson’s Conservatives deny you exist is not easy, but Jacob Rees-Mogg has managed it. How can he stage a comeback? 

Release an album

Everyone knows the Rees-Mogg brand, especially older people who still buy CDs. An album of ancient Greek laments could be the must-have present for the over-65s, with the mournful chants the most surprising novelty Christmas hit since LadBaby.

Reality TV

All the big shows will be clamouring for that Rees-Mogg magic, but rather than showing off his gavotte on Strictly JRM could appear on Celebrity Coach Trip with Jennifer Arcuri. The pair can bond over being used and cast aside by Boris Johnson while pootling around Portugal.

Retrain as a nurse

The Conservative promise to hire 50,000 new nurses, only 18,500 of who are already nurses, will be a tough bar to reach. Rees-Mogg could scrub up, put on the mask and offer anaesthetic-free amputations in his sawdust-floored operating theatre.

Become a gramophone DJ

Everyone’s looking for something different for their wedding, and what better than the member for North-East Somerset spinning his collection of vintage shellac 78s? Will swiftly build a hipster following and when you win the hipsters, you’ve won the nation.

Be recast with a different actor

Being played by a new actor, like Ben Mitchell on EastEnders, could rehabilitate the fake Edwardian in the public’s eyes. The obvious choice is John Cleese, who shares his air of authority and stick insect frame while being marginally less abhorrent on Brexit.

Become the bogeyman

Rees-Mogg already haunts nightmares, so why not take it up professionally? Stalking the sewers, tapping on windows and whispering insidious threats are well within his skillset.