Wednesday, 19th February 2020

I can also do fascism, confirms Boris

BORIS Johnson has confirmed that if the British people want a fascist in charge he is happy to oblige.

As a survey by the Hansard Society found that most voters want to be led by a ‘strongman’ who ignores parliament, Johnson immediately wrote a column for the Daily Telegraph about Britain’s proud history of dictatorship.

The massive blond haired child wrote: “Henry VIII was the greatest king in human history - an avuncular figure who only decapitated uncooperative wives when absolutely necessary.

“He gave no quarter to Papal jiggery-pokery and established a church which to this day remains enormously relevant to our everyday lives.”

He added: “Britain’s desire for fascism coincides with my own long-held belief in strong government led by someone who was destined for the role.

“Arbeit macht free. Make Britain Great Again. I look forward to hearing from you.”