I condemn both sides of the 10p Freddo debate, says Corbyn

JEREMY Corbyn has finally spoken out about the increasing price of Freddos, saying that both sides ‘have a point’.

The Labour leader was under increasing pressure to take a stance on the frog-shaped chocolate treat, which traditionally carried a 10p price tag but has recently rocketed to 30p.

He said: “There’s wrongdoing on both sides of the Freddo debate. It’s a very sad situation. Basically, I condemn all Freddo-related activity.”

Since the announcement in March that the cost of Freddos could reach upwards of 30p, pressure has been mounting on the opposition leader to take a stance.

Following a conspicuous five-month silence on the issue, Corbyn finally spoke out, blaming the USA for destroying the world’s economy, which has had the knock-on effect of skyrocketing Freddo prices.

“The rising cost of Freddos is a result of neoliberalism and American corporate greed, which has ravaged the economy, thus causing hyperinflation, the result of which is a 30p Freddo.”

But just hours later, Corbyn U-turned on his stance, saying that, if elected, he would ensure access to free Freddos, and take care of’ all historical Freddo-related debt.