If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine, claims Corbyn

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn has told Boris Johnson that if he strikes him down, then it is he who will truly have lost. 

The wise elder, who spent decades in the wilderness, told the prime minister that he may seem old and his powers weak, but that he cannot win this battle.

He added: “My body may fall, but my beliefs will become stronger than ever. A new flame of socialism will be kindled throughout the galaxy.

“By inviting this fight you have done nothing but hasten your own end.”

But cabinet minister Michael Gove told Johnson: “No, I’ve seen this one. Do it.

“He just turns into a blue ghost. They’re not even scary in Pac-Man.”

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Corbyn nasty bad man

JEREMY Corbyn is a bad, nasty man so you no vote for him.

Clever men prove Corbyn make bad prime minister and do horrid thing to lovely Britain.

Professor Cleverman, from Best University Ever, say: “If you no vote Tory then Labour make everyone cry with tax and muslims.

“If you no vote Tory, evil Russia man blow up your telly.

“If you no vote Tory, tiny Scottish people raid your fridge and eat your cheesy things.”

Brian, a person like you, say: “I hear clever man so me clever too. Corbyn man do bad nasty. Me vote Tory.”

Professor Cleverman say: “Well done Brian. Have a cheesy thing.”