Sunday, 25th October 2020

Johnson does hard-hitting interview with Roland Rat

THE prime minister has appeared on ITV’s breakfast television show for a tough interview with 1980s puppet presenter Roland Rat. 

Johnson agreed the interview, held in the Ratcave beneath King’s Cross station, to prove that he is willing to stand up to scrutiny and will not shy away from the hard questions.

A Downing Street spokesman said: “Nobody’s more tenacious or determined than a rat. Don’t be fooled by the hat and sunglasses. This was a real grilling.

“Roland asked about Brexit, the Russian interference dossier and Irish border checks, on each occasion proclaiming the answers ‘boring’, ‘rubbish’ and of no interest to ‘rat fans’. Watch and learn, Andrew Neil.

“Kevin the gerbil and Errol the hamster were also present, so it was three against one. But the prime minister stood up to the scrutiny and is already preparing for his big Channel 4 interview with Max Headroom.”

Roland Rat said: “Ehhhhh, ratbags.”