Just like anyone else who is terrible at their job, I’m not a quitter, says May 

THE prime minister has confirmed that she is not a quitter but someone who continues in a job far beyond her competency causing immense damage. 

May, who is currently in China ruining the UK’s chances of a trade deal, insisted she is not one of those people who quits when they realise they are not up to it, as if that were a good thing.

She said: “A quitter would never have made an idiotic deal with the DUP. A quitter wouldn’t keep believing they’d get something from Trump. A quitter wouldn’t be cocking up Brexit.

“Quitters are people who look at the job in front of them, realise they’re not remotely capable of it and walk away before they break something important.

“I wasn’t a quitter when I was buggering up the Home Office, I was the only person who didn’t quit the leadership contest when it became obvious the winner was doomed, and I’m not quitting now.

“It would clearly be better, for both myself and the country, if I was a quitter. But I’m not.”

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “I, too, do not quit even when hopelessly out of my depth. And believe it to be a virtue.”