May gives speech about what she would do if she was prime minister

THERESA May has given a keynote speech outlining what she would do about something if she was the prime minister of Britain.

The current leader of the Conservative Party set out her ideas on changing the price of something which, she promised, would be put into practice if she were ever to hold office.

Julian Cook, professor of politics at Reading University, said: “Who cares?

“The chance of May ever achieving a parliamentary majority to act on these plans is less than zero, so the British public has no obligation to pay the slightest attention.

“At least Jeremy Corbyn’s pipe dreams are bold, exciting, unachievable nonsense. The best May can think of – when she could say literally anything because she’ll never be held to it – is ‘let’s look at changing the price of something a tiny bit’.

“She’ll never be prime minister whatever happens. There’s a reason the public pays more attention to Jacob Rees-Mogg.”

Cook added: “I’ve no idea who the prime minister is. I think they’ve got an agency temp in to do Brexit.”