May pulls trigger on Article 50 and nothing happens

THE prime minister has pulled the trigger on Article 50 but is still unsure whether anything has happened or not. 

Theresa May pulled the trigger in Downing Street this morning, accompanied by her Brexit team, but they were unable to ascertain if she had done it correctly or if it is not working.

She said: “I expected there would be some sort of light. Or a sound. Perhaps a ‘ding-dong’ or a ‘ping’.

“They told me to trigger it again, and I did, then a few more times, and then of course David Davis had to have a go because he didn’t think a woman could do it right.

“It’s this yellow plastic thing on a wire like an old Scalextric controller, except I wonder if the trigger’s broken because it doesn’t even click. Look. Nothing.

“What if it goes off and on every time you pull it? Can we call someone at the EU and ask if anything’s happened at their end?”

May added: “Is this the sweet air of freedom, or is it still the oppressive atmosphere of Europe? I can’t tell.”