Osborne confident poor families won’t notice losing £230 a month

THE chancellor is confident poor families will not realise that cuts to tax credits have drastically reduced their income.

Osborne has cleverly brought in the cuts straight away, but delayed increases in the minimum wage until 2019 after assuming most low-income households are too bad at maths to spot it.

He said: “It’s like a game of Find the Lady. Is your money here, under the living wage cup? Or here, under the increased personal tax allowance cup?

“They’ll be so dazzled by the street-corner showmanship they’ll have no idea their actual income has dropped by two grand a year – a sum easily covered by some simple household savings.

“Then when the other stuff comes in, they’ll be so grateful to generous Mr Osborne that they’ll insist on making me the next prime minister. Boom!”

Osborne ruled out trying the same trick when closing corporate tax loopholes, adding: “They have accountants who are even cleverer than I am.”

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London tenant evicted for paying same rent as last month

A TENANT in a London flat has been evicted for attempting to pay the same amount in rent for two consecutive months.

Nathan Muir had set up a direct debit of £1,150 a month for his one-bedroom flat in Sydenham without making the necessary provision for the capital’s booming property values.

Landlord Carolyn Ryan said: “What does he think he’s playing at?

“I might have accepted £1,275 for this month because he’s been a good tenant for the three weeks he’s been there, but I’d have been stealing from myself.

“He needs to get up to speed with the realities of the burgeoning property market or go back to the stinking, provincial hellhole out of which he crawled.”

Muir, who is now paying £70 a night for a tent on waste ground in Barnet, is also being pursued by letting agents Cornell & Gray for failing to pay an Upward Rent Adjustment Processing Fee of £195.