Osborne’s attempt to bond with builders ends with threat to have them all killed

GEORGE Osborne has threatened to ‘disappear’ everyone on a building site after they criticised his bricklaying technique.

The chancellor put on a hard hat to promote Tory home-building plans, then engaged in a bit of pretend building.

Osborne said: “This is actually where I feel most comfortable. On a building site, with real honest working men.

“I would probably be a builder if my life and family background were completely different. I love working with bricks.”

However builder Wayne Hayes said: “You’re putting on a bit too much mortar there.”

Osborne replied: “I’ll put on as much or as little mortar as I fucking well want.

“One phone call and you’re all fucking dead. Seriously I have done that before and I can do it now.

“Your lives are not important.”

Ten minutes later he left the site, bidding the builders farewell: “Cheers everyone, let’s have loads of pints soon.”