Pro-Europe campaign is just photo of Farage

THE campaign to keep Britain in the EU is just a photo of Nigel Farage drinking a pint.

The photo has been turned into posters with the caption ‘Really, this guy?’.

Campaign manager Nikki Hollis said: “Brexit see Nigel as their biggest asset. I’ll just leave that there for a second.”

She added: “But he’s also our biggest asset because of everything about him.”

The Farage posters, which depict him laughing like a barking frog in Home Counties inns surrounded by golfers, will be installed in bus shelters and train stations across the country.

Hollis said: “It does mean that both campaigns will be pathetically simplistic, but at least ours is based on fact.”

Plans to front the Britain Stronger In Europe campaign with June Sarpong were abandoned because most voters are not hungover students watching T4 in 2006.