Friday, 4th December 2020

Tax cuts but - get this - for the rich, says Boris

BORIS Johnson has blindsided rivals for the Tory leadership by proposing tax cuts but – let this sink in – for the already wealthy. 

The unexpected and disruptive move has shocked the country, with higher earners believing that it is crazy but that it just might work. 

Conservative MP Denys Finch Hatton said: “Tax cuts for the poor you could have expected. They’re struggling, and they’re a vastly bigger pool of spending to invigorate the economy. 

“But for those earning more than £50k a year? At first I was like ‘nonsense’ then I thought, ‘wait a second, I earn that much and I’m always wishing I had a bit more’. 

“And apparently everyone will do well out of it because of libertarian economics, which means I don’t even have to feel guilty. I think this Boris maverick may just have won my vote.” 

Johnson said: “I am promising things that will not work and I cannot deliver. And I will keep those promises.”